Montag, 19. November 2012

When Santa met Dasher

Well, folks, I've done some hard thinking (actually, it wasn't really that hard, but I thought it'd add some drama to the story) and calculated that I could publish my picture e book When Santa met Dasher just before Christmas ...

... if I'd lay off drawing comics until that was done. So: no strip about ... well, anything, actually. But instead a picture of Old Saint Nick in panic:
Tradition has it that surprised comic heroes' hats
fly off. This was closely observed.
Ah yes, there's a question from the floor!

The audience: Why isn't he wearing that classic dress with the pointy hat he does in all the other pictures?
Die Tante Jensen: Firstly, it's a black-and-white drawing, so three cheers to you for correctly guessing the colour. And secondly, as various pictures from various times show, he didn't wear that classic costume until around 1900. Since the story is based roughly in 1850, he is wearing something else.
The audience: Oh. Seems reasonable.
Die Tante Jensen: Yes, I thought so, too. Always be correct when it comes to fantasy. And yes, he's balding.

Update: I got it out. Howgh! And Ooff! Only I changed the title to and Santa Claus met Dasher.

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